Press Release – Copenhagen Energy in Germany

Customized solutions, innovation and transparency – these are the values with which the young company Copenhagen Energy convinces project partners and has already acquired wind power plants, project rights for ground-mounted photovoltaics and areas for greenfield wind power projects in Germany within eight months. 

Copenhagen Energy Germany GmbH, which was only founded in Berlin in April 2023, has got off to a successful start. Copenhagen Energy already operates wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 6.4 MW in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony. All turbines have repowering potential. The first new turbine in North Rhine-Westphalia was already approved. “We have received the BImSchG permit in a record time of only seven months and we assume that we will be able to start operation already next year,” explains Managing Director Daniel Seybold.  

Quick start with solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind projects 

The Berlin team is also making a rapid start in the area of solar PV and wind power. Back in July, the team acquired a stake in its first solar PV project, with a capacity of 44 MWp in St. Michaelisdonn, Schleswig-Holstein. Copenhagen Energy has also secured greenfield sites for wind power. These include 21 MW in North Rhine-Westphalia, 119 MW in Lower Saxony and 49 MW in Schleswig-Holstein. All greenfield projects are located in areas approved by the municipalities concerned. 

Young team with customized solutions 

The values of the young company are at the forefront of all projects as Daniel emphasizes: “We are young and innovative, that’s why we don’t have any copy-paste solutions for our projects. Instead, we develop each project with a unique and tailored approach.” The PV-park being built in St. Michaelisdonn is representative of this. “Together with our project partners, we are working closely with local interest groups and community representatives to develop the community and its energy supply in a sustainable way. The project, which is due to go into operation in 2025, is an example of progress, innovation and environmental responsibility.” 

We believe the team is well positioned for the future: “We will further expand the pipeline in 2024 and double the size of the team over the summer. We already have the space we need in our office in Berlin-Kreuzberg and will fill it with the best talent out there” 

About Copenhagen Energy Germany 

Copenhagen Energy Germany GmbH was founded by the Danish company Copenhagen Energy, which has been operating for three years. The project developer and energy trader based in Copenhagen has around 45 colleagues and is on a steady growth trajectory. The German subsidiary headed by Managing Director Daniel Seybold was founded in Berlin in April. 

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