Storage Business Model

We are developing battery storage projects from green field to construction and into operations.
After the Final Investment Decision is taken, we typically divest up to 80% of the project and keep the commercial and technical management including the provision of power trading and balancing services
Our portfolio consists of stand alone projects as well as batteries in connection to our wind and solar PV projects. We see a clear advantage in combining our development skills and with our trading capabilities.
  • Site Screening & Market Assessment
    Initiating a battery storage project involves ensuring proximity to the grid’s transmission level, with a screening process initiated with grid operators  to assess available capacity. Site suitability for both local residents and the municipality is paramount. Upon municipality approval and the prospect of a viable grid connection, the project can seamlessly progress to the next phase.
  • Project development
    The second phase oversees further development of the projects including various feasibility studies and environmental impact screenings. Feasibility studies are conducted to determine the legal, technical, environmental, and financial feasibility of the project.
    This includes staying up to date and applying the continuously evolving legal frameworks, evaluating the cost of installing and operating the storage facility.
  • Detailed Engineering & Procurement
    With the feasibility studies and the environmental impact assessment completed, the design and engineering phase begins. This involves finalizing the selection of battery storage technology and sizing of the plant in close collaboration with grid experts and traders.
  • Construction
    We carry out construction in close collaboration with battery suppliers and contractors where we thigh all together and manage the interfaces.
    Projects are integrated into the power grid, supporting the grid to enable more renewables power and that way Storage plays a crucial role in achieving additional renewable generation in constraint grids with minimal grid buildout.
  • Operation, Decommissioning & Repowering
    With the completion of the construction phase, projects enter the operation phase.  The projects are operated through a central control system that optimizes storage and power flows helping stabilize and balance the grid.
    At the end of the lifetime, projects are decommissioned and, in some cases, repowered.

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