Onshore Wind & Solar

Onshore Business Model

We are developing onshore wind and solar PV from green field and all the way through the construction and into operation.
After the Final Investment Decision is taken, we typically divest up to 80% of the project and keep the commercial and technical management including the provision of power trading and balancing services.
  • Site Screening & Market Assessment
    Market assessment and detailed evaluation of potential sites are initiated in order to identify sites which are most suitable for projects as well as to eliminate sites that are deemed to be unsuitable or unprofitable.
    For solar pv projects our sweet spot is above 50 MW, whereas for onshore wind it is three to 20 wind turbines. Based on years of successful development we do a huge effort in siting our projects where the chance of success is high.
  • Project development
    Feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments are conducted to determine the technical, environmental, and financial visibility of the project. Project-specific environmental assessments are completed to evaluate potential environmental impacts of the renewable energy source, assessing the potential impact on fauna, birds, and other wildlife, as well as the impact on local communities and the surrounding environment.
  • Detailed Engineering & Procurement
    Finalizing the selection of type and size of wind turbines and solar panels, designing the foundation, as well as developing the electrical system and infrastructure. Necessary permits and approvals must be obtained from the relevant authorities, including permits for grid connection, construction, operation, etc. Financing and investments for the projects are also secured during this phase.
    Normally, at the end of the phase before Final Investment Decision we will partner up with investors and make our first divestment. Depending on the structure with partners CE may keep a majority equity stake but is also flexible to have a smaller stake. From then on, we construct the project in partnership, where CE can provide the full EPC project organization.
  • Construction
    Projects are integrated into the power grid, enabling transmission of generated energy to residences and businesses in the community or through PtX facilities.
  • Operation, Decommissioning & Repowering
    With the completion of the construction phase, projects enter the operation phase.  The projects are operated through a central control system that optimizes energy production.
    Our team is monitoring and managing assets to optimize production.
    At the end of the lifetime, projects are decommissioned and, in some cases, repowered.

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