Press Release – Frederikshavn Offshore Wind Farm

Copenhagen Energy is announcing divestment of its share of the Frederikshavn Offshore Wind Farm development project. The founder & CEO of Copenhagen Energy, Jasmin Bejdic, has developed the project from the origin and played a significant role in bringing the project to ready to build stage.

The project consists of three of the world’s largest wind turbines, reaching up 15 MW and 265 m tip height. The project is an advanced test project with a total aggregated capacity of 45 MW with room to install another two turbines and reaching up to 72 MW. On October 26th 2022, the Frederikshavn Offshore Wind Farm received permission to establish further project development and approvals to build the park.

The project marks the first major divestment for Copenhagen Energy and defines the standard for future development in solar PV, onshore- and offshore wind projects on a global basis. Copenhagen Energy sees great value in the project and for our future offshore wind development around the world as we have gained unprecedented experience using the newest offshore wind technology.

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