Developing green solutions through implementation of 

Onshore wind &
solar pv

Project Development

Site Screening
& Financing

At Copenhagen Energy, we place significant emphasis on the development of onshore wind and solar PV projects on a worldwide scale. Through cultivating strong partnerships with local farmers and landowners, we undertake a rigorous site selection process, followed by the acquisition of necessary rights and permits for the forthcoming construction phase. The attainment of financial resources, culminating in a final investment decision, represents the concluding stage preceding the commencement of construction.

roof solar energy in sunset

Final Construction

& Operation

The construction and operation of the sites are overseen by our proven local developers. With a proven track record in contractor and supplier management, we ensure rigorous oversight of all phases of construction, culminating in the successful grid connection of completed assets.

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With an impressive portfolio of developing renewable energy projects in Denmark for over 15 years, the routes of Copenhagen Energy also lay strongly in onshore development through wind and solar PV. Today, Copenhagen Energy is developing onshore projects with a total capacity of 1.5 GW, covering eleven onshore wind sites and four solar farms. A majority of the projects are in the project screening and assessment stage with great improvement is shaping the projects.


In Germany, Copenhagen Energy is developing onshore wind projects though three different projects. The projects – Tienback, Peckelsheim, and Herbergen – reach a total consumption of over 6MW. The projects have been in operation since 2000, with plans for re-powering occurring in 2023.

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Andreas Von Rosen

Founder & Chairman